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"A visually expressive personal documentary that explores a family's history. Filmmaker Thakur mixes richly abstract filmmaking with disturbing archival war footage to narrate the story of her Danish mother's and Indian father's experiences. Her mother survives Nazi-occupied Denmark while her father experiences the devastating civil war in India between Hindus and Muslims. Both emigres to Canada, they meet and marry, linking two parallel wars. Their daughter lyrically turns these two separate histories into a visually rich poem linking past and present in a new singular identity."

— Doubletake Documentary Film Festival


Written, directed and edited by Shanti Thakur

©1999, experimental documentary

9 minutes, 16mm film, USA/Canada






"Exceptionally imaginative...dreamlike...a visually
compelling film."

— Paul Curci, Philadelphia City Paper


"Impressionistic cinematography is juxtaposed with
searing archival images while spare narration
combines with a nuanced sound design. The viewer
is swept into the mood of the piece and must consider
the long-lasting effects--both internal and external--
of conflict and change."

— Kristine Samuelson, Stanford University


“Shanti Thakur brings her biracial sensitivies to bear
on historical traumas that shaped her parents' separate,
but parallel, experiences. Images of past ethnic and
religious "cleansing" come poignantly to the fore as
she sits by her Indian grandmother's corpse burning
on the banks of the Ganges, and seeks peace (her
name) for herself, her family, and the world.”

— Rosane Rocher, University of Pennsylvania